We are a full service Duracoat applicator, operating online and in the South Florida community. We pride ourselves in specializing in custom designs and requests. From guns and knives, to custom PMAGS - Duracoat is an incredibly versatile finish and we have found ways to apply designs that are one of a kind.

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These are just some examples of what we do. Click on the Gallery link above to check out all of our work.


We are now offering custom VINYL! We know the pain of hand-cutting stencils with an exacto knife and we're hear to give your hands and eyes a rest. You may not need us to actually spray your gun or knife, but quality adhesive vinyl stencils will make your DIY project just that much easier. These are the same ones we use here in the shop and yield the results you see here on the website. Whether it's Kryptek,woodland, or something more specific, hit us up via the Contact link above. In the near future we hope to have some of these types of items listed on eBay; however, contacting us directly will result in receiving a better price.

Every order comes with at least one TDCR Skull vinyl decal. If you're interested in just getting a sticker, let us know: they ship for $3 bucks a pair.

We caved and joined Twitter. Facebook has a terrible habit of limiting the posts views of small businesses, especially those related to firearms. Follow us @TDCRefinishing. We spend exactly 0 dollars on marketing and rely on social media, our reputation and word of mouth to get our name out there. So please Like, Comment and Share whatever you can.

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Youtube for the latest updates, videos and gear reviews.

Affiliates and Friends

As an owner-operated small business, we are always looking to help and support the small business community along with various first responder and military charities. Check out the links below to view some of the businesses and organizations we support.