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Thanks for visiting! We are a full service Duracoat applicator, with a speciality toward custom designs and requests. The Store is our online retail page where we offer a number of different predesigned custom PMags. You will not find a wider variety of custom mags in the multiple color schemes we offer anywhere else online. Every mag is hand crafted and completed in limited quantities so the Store is constantly updating with whatever we're currently working on.


We have recently closed the Online Store portion of our website. There are several reasons behind this decision; however, the main reasons being (1) Our products are highly customized and require more work than hitting a button on an etching machine. Each mag is airbrushed by hand and in many cases, stencils are also cut and prepared by hand, depending on the type of design. This is very time consuming and makes it difficult to keep a inventory, while at the same time fullfilling numerous custom orders. And (2) TacticalAuction.com has allowed us a quick, easy and reliable retail site, where we can list our items (for free) and have them be seen my a much larger user-base. Follow the banner below to see what we currently have available, or just to browse all the items available on this very 2A-Friendly site.

With that being said, custom orders are our main source of business, whether they be for mags, knives, guns, etc. If you are browsing our Gallery and see something you like, feel free to use the Contact Page to shoot us an e-mail (or reach us via Facebook or YouTube).

TDCR Sticker Skull stickers are now included with every purchase! These are 3" high quality UV resistent decals of the TDCR Skull and are designed for indoor and outdoor use.
If you're interested in just getting a sticker, let us know: they ship for $3 bucks a pair.

As Magpul gets back into full manufacturing capabilities, we are now offering PMAGS (and furniture) in a variety of colors and styles. Currently, we are offering the following types of PMAGS:
- MOE PMAGS in Black, FDE and OD Green - Gen M3 PMAGS in Black
Anything other than a standard MOE Black, will result in a $2 to $3 up charge, depending on the option. We have yet to find any other online retailer, offering custom rifle mags in the variety of options and custom color schemes that we offer.

Mags&Skull photo AllMags_zps78aa4891.jpg
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Affiliates and Friends

As an owner-operated small business, we are always looking to help and support the small business community along with various first responder and military charities. Check out the links below to view some of the businesses and organizations we support.