Be Advised: At the current time we are very limited in the Duracoat projects we are taking on. The stencil portion of the business has grown rapidly and although I personally enjoy doing the artistic refinishing work, there are only so many hours in the week. I am hoping that as I work to streamline the vinyl process, I can take on additional Duracoat projects. Until then, always feel free to contact us - I'm still considering simple projects that do not require extensive prep work.

If you've come here for stencils, you're in the right place! See below or click on the STORE link above.

We are a full service Duracoat applicator, operating online and in the South Florida community. We pride ourselves in specializing in custom designs and requests. From guns and knives, to custom PMAGS - Duracoat is an incredibly versatile finish and we have found ways to apply designs that are one of a kind.

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These are just some examples of what we do. Click on the Gallery link above to check out all of our work.


As a refinishing company ourselves, we know how important a high quality stencil can be, to give your projects that professional look. We've designed our stencils to give you the most templates for your money and we only use the highest quality masking vinyl you can get (Avery SF 100-235). Our stencils will withstand baking cycles up to 200 degrees without wilting or shrinking, which makes them perfect for all types of coatings.

Whether you're a professional refinishing company or a first-time DIY'er, these stencils will make your life a lot easier. Browse the Gallery for inspiration or click on the Store to order. We also take custom orders and requests, so use the Contact Page if you're looking for something specific.

All of our stencils, along with various in stock Duracoat projects (including Pimped Out PMAGS) are available in the STORE link above.
We are also a Top Rated seller on eBay, but be aware of other sellers who use cheaper, lower quality material. Our listings can be found here: eBay Store

Both eBay and our web store are set up to process International Orders. We've shipped stencils all over the world - it's awesome to see how far reaching the firearms community really is.

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Youtube for the latest updates, videos and gear reviews.