It's official! Our new website is open and ready for business. All of the links on this site (besides the Gallery) are now redirecting to our new website. We think you'll be pleased with the new look and new name. There will be not really be any further updates on this site.

Whether you're a professional refinishing company or a first-time DIY'er, these stencils will make your life a lot easier. Don't spend valuable hours at a desk with a hobby knife, hand-cutting camo patterns on inferior material (like I said, been there done that). Our stencils are precision cut and identical every time.

As a refinishing company ourselves, we know how important a high quality stencil can be to give your projects that professional look. We've designed our stencils to give you the most templates for your money and we only use the highest quality masking vinyl you can get (Avery SF 100-235 HIGH BAKE). This vinyl will withstand baking cycles up to 200 degrees without wilting or shrinking, which makes them perfect for Duracoat, Cerakote, Gun-kote, Krylon and any other type of oven cure or air dry finish. This is the ONLY vinyl we've found that meets these standards, don't be fooled by lower quality alternatives.

Have a client looking for a specific image, logo or just want to personalize your own project? We take and complete customer orders on a regular basis. Use the CONTACT page to get ahold of us. Custom sheets start at $15 shipped.

If your request is a design that we can immediately list in our store, we'll only charge you the list price PLUS give you a 20% OFF code, good toward your entire order as a "Finder's Fee".

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Here's a couple which might help get you started.

We are also a Top Rated seller on eBay, but be aware of other sellers who use cheaper, lower quality material. Our listings can be found here: eBay Store

Both eBay and our web store are set up to process International Orders. We've shipped stencils all over the world - it's awesome to see how far reaching the firearms community really is.

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Youtube for the latest updates, videos and gear reviews.

Be Advised: At the current time we are very limited in the Duracoat projects we are taking on. The stencil portion of the business has grown rapidly and although I personally enjoy doing the artistic refinishing work, there are only so many hours in the week. I'm still considering simple projects that do not require extensive prep work so it may be worth at least shooting me a message.

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