We are a full service Duracoat applicator, operating online and in the South Florida community. We pride ourselves in specializing in custom designs and requests. From guns and knives, to custom PMAGS - Duracoat is an incredibly versatile finish and we have found ways to apply designs that are one of a kind.

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These are just some examples of what we do. Click on the Gallery link above to check out all of our work.


The other half of our operation involves custom and camo vinyl stencils. After purchasing a few for own projects, we quickly realized that we could do them better, and provide a much needed service to DIY'ers and other small coating services, just like ours.

We know the pain of hand-cutting stencils with an X-acto knife and we're hear to give your hands and eyes a rest. You may not need us to actually spray your weapon, but quality adhesive vinyl stencils will make your DIY project just that much easier. These are the same ones we use here in the shop and yield the results you see here on the website. Whether it's Kryptek, woodland, digital or multi-cam, you will get the most for your money with our designs.

All of our stencils, along with various in stock Duracoat projects (including Pimped Our PMAGS) are available in the STORE link above. We have modified all our designs to utilize the available space as much as possible and give the buyer the most for their money. We also list on eBay, but be aware of other sellers who use cheaper, lower quality material. We only use Avery SF-100-235 High Bake Vinyl, which is perfect for Duracoat and Krylon and made to withstand the baking process associated with Cerakote.
Our eBay listings can be found here: eBay Store

**Note: if you are an international buyer purchasing more than one sheet of stencil, you will save considerable money ordering directly from our store, as opposed to eBay. eBay does not allow me to set-up shipping discounts for multiple items, but our store does.

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